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Boca Raton Business & Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

Padula Hodkin, PLLC is a full service Boca Raton law firm that is prepared to fulfill your legal needs. We have over 20 years of experience providing legal services in South Florida and around the world. Our goal is to provide you the best possible level of service in a timely and cost effective manner. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft creative and practical solutions for our clients’ problems.

Who We Represent

Our client base is broad and includes high-net worth entrepreneurs, national and international companies, building contractors, and local businesses. Regardless of the size or net worth of your business, we can provide you with top-level service and individually crafted solutions to your unique legal problems and challenges. We provide both transactional and litigation services, so whatever your legal situation, we should be able to help.

Personalized Services for Unique Clients

We understand that every situation is different and that each of our clients has individual needs and priorities. That is why we strive to provide an individualized litigation plan tailored to your needs. In some situations for some clients, aggressively litigating a case through trial may be the best solution, while other clients may be better served by seeking out a more collaborative, negotiated solution. We also understand the reality that finances are not unlimited,so we work to find the best solution for you within your budget. We also understand that regardless of a client’s size or budget, one of the most important facets of an attorney-client relationship is communication. That is why we maintain a high level of communication and personal attention.

Areas of Practice

Unlike some law firms that can only address a limited portion of your legal needs, we pride ourselves on our diversity of practice areas. We understand that in our clients’ real lives the various areas of law can intersect. Family law needs can overlap with business law needs. Business law needs can overlap with criminal law needs, especially in the complex area of white collar crimes, where businesses often need advice as to how to comply with complicated criminal laws. Since we provide each of these services in-house we are able to provide cost-effective solutions that simply are not possible when you have to deal with multiple law firms. Because of our full-service commitment, we practice in the following areas:

Types of Cases We Have Handled

Within those practice areas, we have successfully litigated a wide range of business disputes. Our experience includes (but is not limited to) corporate acquisitions, marketing and advertising representations, claims of misrepresentation and fraud involving internet marketing claims, bad faith insurance coverage cases, real property title disputes, breach of contract claims, corporate valuations, landlord tenant disputes, sale of real property claims, construction liens, ecommerce and internet disputes, FTC enforcement actions and compliance investigations, and divorces.

No matter your situation, reach out to the legal professionals at Padula Hodkin, PLLC today to learn how we may be of assistance.